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article I blacklisted someone by accident in my Horde Webmail. How do I undo that?
Log into Horde with your username and...

  5-24-2006    Views: 10586   
article How do I make a Global Address Book for Open WebMail?
To create a global address book, first create...

  11-4-2005    Views: 21702   
article How do I delete mail from my address without moving it to the trash folder?
If you are out of disk space for your...

  1-4-2006    Views: 10166   
article How do I add additional IPs to my UPipe account?
An additional IP for your UPipe account is a...

(No rating)  3-30-2006    Views: 5963   
article How can I add a new mailbox?
To add a new mailbox follow these steps:Go...

  8-4-2005    Views: 5974   
article How to Install SquirrelMail on Your VPS
Note that the following instructions are for...

  5-29-2008    Views: 9924   
article Control Panel Logins
HSPcomplete (Virtuozzo Virtual Private Server...

  10-4-2007    Views: 10604   
article How can I repair my VPS's mail spool?
In some cases you can find the damaged email in...

  3-20-2006    Views: 7571   

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