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article How can I set up a secure certificate for a site on my VPS?
In order to set up https (secure access over...

(No rating)  1-18-2006    Views: 11345   
article How does secure email work?
The following is taken from the Microsoft...

  1-18-2006    Views: 7705   
article How do I set up SSL for my website? (Plesk 5)
These instructions are valid for installing a...

  7-21-2005    Views: 14762   
article What is the difference between a shared IP address and a dedicated IP address?
A dedicated IP address will allow you to access...

  1-4-2006    Views: 16990   
article How do I set up email accounts for use in Microsoft Outlook 2000?
The critical settings for setting up an Email...

  1-16-2006    Views: 5133   
article What settings should I use to set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook?
All of the following settings must be in...

  6-27-2005    Views: 9426   
article Why are telnet/SSH not available on UPipe accounts?
Due to the nature of the UPipe server, allowing...

(No rating)  7-21-2005    Views: 7563   
article Can I use my own domain to get to the Plesk login screen?
Yes. Any address that actually resolves the...

  7-23-2005    Views: 9619   
article Security Scanning Service Issues
Most security scanning services that claim to...

  6-6-2008    Views: 4443   
article Is it possible to publish to a VPS account from FrontPage?
Yes. You will need to first install the...

(No rating)  1-4-2006    Views: 7676   
article How do I set up FrontPage extensions?
To set up FrontPage extensions on a particular...

  11-11-2005    Views: 8721   

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