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article How can I get my "www" hostname to appear as a server alias?
Only 'A' records show up as potential server...

  3-23-2006    Views: 5648   
article How do I remove a site, hostname, or domain name from my VPS in the HSPC control panel?
First, back up any data you wish to save...

  1-5-2006    Views: 29442   
article How do I add domains and hostnames to my VPS?
The System tab > Domain Management >...

(No rating)  1-19-2006    Views: 6479   
article My site resolves as but not
To have†resolve to the same web...

  8-25-2005    Views: 8626   
article How do I configure one hostname to be an alias for another hostname in HSPC?
If the domain name you wish to forward from has...

  1-16-2006    Views: 18510   
article "deny from none" Causes Hostname Lookups
The following lines in a site's .htaccess file...

  10-10-2006    Views: 14997   
article How do I create a subdomain in the HSPC control panel?
You can add a subdomain for an existing domain...

(No rating)  7-5-2005    Views: 6807   
article How do I add additional IPs to my UPipe account?
An additional IP for your UPipe account is a...

(No rating)  3-30-2006    Views: 5963   
article How do I add or remove MX records for my MDH hosting account?
To add†an MX record...

  3-20-2006    Views: 13175   
article How to further reduce spam after purchasing the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Filtering Service
The way that the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email...

  2-11-2008    Views: 4955   
article How do I add additional domain names to my UPipe account?
There are several steps to†configuring physical...

(No rating)  7-28-2005    Views: 7579   
article How do I create an A record for an external IP address?
To add an†A record for a domain hosted in†HPSC...

(No rating)  1-16-2006    Views: 11454   
article What steps should I take in upgrading my VPS to a VPS with a newer operating system?
The steps to upgrade your VPS to a VPS with a...

  11-11-2005    Views: 10878   
article I just set up a domain, and it displays as a default page saying "This is the Server Administratorô default page." What does this mean?
You will get this webpage if you attempt to...

(No rating)  11-14-2005    Views: 7336   
article How do I delete domains from HSPC?
HSPC does not allow you to directly delete a...

(No rating)  1-19-2006    Views: 4125   
article What is the FTP information for a domain on the UPipe or MDH hosting accounts?
To find the FTP information for a domain you...

(No rating)  5-5-2006    Views: 6371   
article How can I change my site's IP address?
Follow these steps to move a site to a...

  3-28-2006    Views: 19599   
article How can I block traffic from a specific site to one of my sites?
You can set up an .htaccess file to deny access...

(No rating)  3-28-2006    Views: 8325   
article What IP address corresponds to my domain name?
The simplest way to find the IP address for a...

  7-5-2005    Views: 5987   
article How do I set up SSL for my website? (Plesk 5)
These instructions are valid for installing a...

  7-21-2005    Views: 14762   
article Configuring and Moving WebPro non-reseller account websites using FrontPage
The steps for configuring and moving WebPro...

  10-3-2007    Views: 12040   

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