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My VPS is unresponsive. What's wrong?

Multiple issues may cause your VPS to be unresponsive.

An account will automatically become data-rate limited to 8 Kb/sec if the VPS subscription is graced (past its due date). You can check your VPS subscription renewal date in your HSPC control panel at My Account tab > Billing Management > Billing History. If you have a payment due, you will see an Open order. Click on the Order ID and then check the Comment section. The end date of the subscription will be listed. If the end date matches the current date or is earlier the VPS will be data rate limited.

You can pay your bill online through the HSPC control panel, or you can contact our billing department at or (888) 509-0025 (toll free) or (509) 522-3696 (local) for other options.

If there is not an open order that is past due it is possible you are experiencing a high traffic volume at the time this problem occurs, or you might be running out of a particular resource. However, to fully be able to determine what is happening, your VPS needs to be analyzed at the time the problem occurs. If this problem happens during our support hours feel free to call us so we can look at the problem then.

An important thing you could do while the problem is occurring is SSH to your VPS and run the following commands, then send those results to in an email:

ps auxw
netstat -nap
cat /proc/user_beancounters

This information will be very helpful for our support department to use to troubleshoot your issue.

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