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How can I tell how much memory my VPS is using?

From a shell prompt to your VPS, run the following command:

cat /proc/user_beancounters

The following parameters are memory related:

  • kmemsize: Size of unswapable kernel memory. Data structures that reside in low memory other than network buffers.
  • lockedpages: Process pages not allowed to be swapped out.
  • privvmpages: The upper boundary of the total size of memory allocated for applications. (Not a guaranteed value.)
  • shmpages: Total size of shared memory.
  • physpages: Total number of RAM pages used by  processes in that specific Virtual Environment (VE).
  • vmguarpages: Controls how much memory is available to the VE.
  • oomguarpages: The guaranteed amount of memory for the VPS in case the memory is "over-booked".

Swap is not really a parameter that is relevant to a individual VPS, as it is handled on the system (hardware node) level rather than on the VE level.

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