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How do I add additional domain names to my WebPro account?

To add an additional domain to a WebPro hosting account, you will first need to determine if your account has more domains available. To do this:

  1. Click on the System tab.
  2. In the Info section, make note of the number of domains available.
  3. Click on Limits.
  4. Make note of the Maximum number of domains.

If the Maximum number of domains is more than the number of domains available in the Info section, you can add an additional domain without ordering more domains.

If the Maximum number of domains is the same as the number of domains available, you will need to order additional domains.

To order additional domains follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Upgrade Center tab.
  2. Click on Buy Resources.
  3. Increase the Number of Domains value.
  4. Click on the Next button to continue.
  5. Complete the order payment and confirmation steps.

An order will typically be processed automatically. In some cases the order must be manually approved. If the number of additional domains does not update within a few hours contact our billing department at to expedite the payment process. Billing hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Once you have available domains to add to your hosting account, you can add the additional domain with the following steps:

  1. Click on the System tab.
  2. Click on Add New Domain.
  3. Type in the domain name.
  4. Click on the OK button.
  5. Select the hosting type. If you are not forwarding the domain, choose Physical hosting.
  6. Click on the OK button.
  7. Type in the FTP login name you wish to use for this domain.
  8. Type in the password in both password fields.
  9. IMPORTANT: Only fill out the FrontPage support section if you use FrontPage.
  10. Check any of the other options on this page that you want your site to have.
  11. Click on the OK button to save your changes.

You will also need to set the limits for the domain with the following steps:

  1. Click on the System tab.
  2. Click on Limits. This will show the total limits for your hosting account. For all items other than "mailbox quota", you will need to divide these resources among all your domains.
  3. Click on the Up Level link.
  4. Click on the domain for which you wish to set limits.
  5. Click on Limits.
  6. Set the limits for each resource category. In most cases, leave the "mailbox quota" at its default value.
  7. Click on the OK button to save your changes.
  8. If you get a message, "Some Fields are empty or contain an improper value", you will need to check the error message in pink for the resources that have exceeded their limits. You must reduce this value to the maximum available or lower.

If you need more resources for the domain than the maximum available, you will need to either:

A) Reduce the level of that resource for other domains so that you have enough to add to this domain

and / or

B) Order more resources at Upgrade Center tab > Buy Resources;

and / or

C) Upgrade your WebPro hosting account to one that has more resources available at Upgrade Center tab > Change Hosting Plan. Click on "More Information" to find the resource level of each hosting plan to which you can upgrade.

Now you should be able to upload your site using FTP. Use the IP address that is associated with your domain. If you are using FrontPage to upload your site modify your hosts file on your computer before uploading your site.

You will now also want to add any email addresses for your domain in the Mail area for the domain.

Once you have added the additional domain to your WebPro hosting account and allocated the appropriate resources, remember to change the name servers at your domain registrar to the following WebPro name servers:

It can take up to seven days for the new DNS information to propagate to all caching DNS servers on the Internet. For most locations DNS will resolve within a couple of days.

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