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ASP/PHP/Database Issues

ASP, PHP, MySQL, and PostGreSQL questions and answers.

article Can I change the default starting file for my website (i.e. index.php instead of index.html)?
The easiest way is to simply rename or remove...

  7-24-2005    Views: 29966   
article Is it possible to run Microsoft Access on my server?
It is not possible to run Microsoft Access...

  7-19-2005    Views: 22703   
article How do I move my mysql database from a Upipe hosting account to a WebPro hosting account?
To move a database from a Upipe hosting account...

(No rating)  6-6-2006    Views: 18996   
article As a reseller, how can my customers access their databases without giving them MY username/password? (for Plesk-based hosting accounts)
These instructions apply to the following...

  7-18-2005    Views: 13013   
article Troubleshooting PHP Scripts
If you cannot figure out the problem with your...

  1-19-2006    Views: 12995   
article What does PHP 'safe mode' mean? Why do you use safe mode?
When possible, we use PHP in safe mode to...

  7-19-2005    Views: 12193   
article Why isn't the latest version of PHP installed?
For stability, security, and practicality, we...

  7-19-2005    Views: 7841   
article Is it possible to have the Zend Optimizer installed on a UPipe account server?
While technically it would be possible for us...

(No rating)  7-23-2005    Views: 7723   
article How can I tell which features PHP is compiled with?
Create a file on in your web document space...

(No rating)  7-18-2005    Views: 7173   
article What is the easiest way to upgrade PHP for a VPS account?
First, contact support@advantagecom to make...

(No rating)  7-18-2005    Views: 6180   
article Why isn't the latest version of MySQL installed?
For reasons of stability, security, and...

(No rating)  3-28-2006    Views: 4766   

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