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New Setup Issues

Just getting your account setup for the first time? Setup related questions and answers are found here.

article How do I perform a traceroute from a Linux command prompt?
Open an SSH session to your server or...

  5-5-2006    Views: 35414   
article How do I perform a traceroute in Windows XP?
Click on the Start menu.Click on Run.In the...

  5-5-2006    Views: 20354   
article What is the difference between a shared IP address and a dedicated IP address?
A dedicated IP address will allow you to access...

  1-4-2006    Views: 17921   
article How do I perform a traceroute in Mac OS X?
From your hard drive, open the Applications...

  5-5-2006    Views: 14986   
article Do you allow HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) to purchase hosting from you?
It depends. We evaluate each HYIP website to...

  5-22-2006    Views: 11207   
article How can I upload files while I am waiting for my domain to transfer to new nameservers (Plesk)?
To upload your website files to your hosting...

  1-17-2006    Views: 11153   
article How do I transfer a domain name hosted by another server to my current account?
If you wish to host your domain with us but...

(No rating)  11-11-2005    Views: 10302   
article Why is my index.htm file not displaying?
This problem is likely due to a...

  1-4-2006    Views: 8640   
article How do I update nameserver or contact information in my eNom account?
To update nameserver information:From a web...

  11-11-2005    Views: 8348   
article What does the error message "Our fraud checking system has determined there is a problem with your order" mean?
The most common causes of this error are:The...

(No rating)  7-6-2005    Views: 7928   
article Do Advantagecom Network's hosting accounts have Root Access?
Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting...

(No rating)  6-7-2006    Views: 7860   
article I just set up a domain, and it displays as a default page saying "This is the Server Administrator™ default page." What does this mean?
You will get this webpage if you attempt to...

(No rating)  11-14-2005    Views: 7692   
article I can't complete the HSPC signup process.
This problem may be due to the web browser you...

(No rating)  1-16-2006    Views: 6939   
article What is error-correcting RAM?
Error-correcting RAM acts just like normal RAM,...

(No rating)  1-24-2006    Views: 6738   
article Do capital letters in my file names matter?
In Linux files with the same name but different...

(No rating)  3-21-2006    Views: 6433   
article Do you set any per connection data transfer limits?
We have a 12Mbs (12 million bits per...

(No rating)  11-14-2005    Views: 5463   
article Security Scanning Service Issues
Most security scanning services that claim to...

  6-6-2008    Views: 4702   
article What is RAID?
RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent...

  1-24-2006    Views: 3462   

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