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How to Install SquirrelMail on Your VPS

Note that the following instructions are for installing SquirrelMail 1.4.15 on a CentOS4-x86_64 VPS. Reference the Squirrel Mail "README" and "INSTALL" files for updated information regarding newer versions of SquirrelMail.

These instructions assume you are familiar with Linux server administration and how to use a SSH client such as "Putty".

1) Log into your VPS via a shell prompt.

2) Execute the command:

cd /var/www/html

3) Download the latest version of SquirrelMail from:

Choose the latest stable file ending in ".tar.gz".

You can directly download SquirrelMail from your VPS using the command, "wget". An example wget command would be:


Note that there may be a later version of SquirrelMail available than what is used in the above example command.

4) Decompress the SquirrelMail ".tar.gz" file into the /var/html/www directory. This will be a command similar to:

tar xpzf squirrelmail-1.4.15.tar.gz

This will create the folder /var/www/html/squirrelmail.

5) Execute the command:

mv squirrelmail-1.4.15 squirrelmail

Note that the first parameter for the "mv" command may be different depending on the version of SquirrelMail you are installing.

6) Execute the commands:

cp /var/www/html/squirrelmail/config/config_default.php /var/www/html/squirrelmail/config/config.php

chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/squirrelmail

mkdir /var/local/squirrelmail

mkdir /var/local/squirrelmail/data

chown apache:apache /var/local/squirrelmail/data

mkdir /var/local/squirrelmail/attach

chown apache:apache /var/local/squirrelmail/attach

chmod 730 /var/local/squirrelmail/attach

7) Log into your HSPC control panel.

8) Go to System tab > Applications > All Applications.

9) If you see both the applications "imap" and "PHP" installed go to step 12.

10) Click on the Add Application button.

11) Install the IMAP and PHP applications that were not installed previously by checking the box to the left of "UW IMAP and POP3 servers" and/or "PHP". Click on the Next button.

12) Click on the Site tab.

13) If you have more than one site, click on "Select Another site". Click on a site to configure webmail access.

14) Click on website settings and then click on the Aliases tab.

15) Click on the Add Alias button.

16) Select the type: Alias.

17) Enter the following for the URL path:


18) Enter the following for the Local path:


19) Click on the Add button.

20) Repeat steps 13-19 for any other sites you wish to have access to webmail.

21) Go to the following URL, substituting your actual website name for "":

Note that your domain will need to resolve to test this.

If SquirrelMail is installed correctly, at the end of the web page, you will see the following text:

Congratulations, your SquirrelMail setup looks fine to me!

22) You will now be able to access SquirrelMail at the following URL:

Substitute your actual website name for "".

23) Test your SquirrelMail login by logging in as a mail user you have created. If you have not created any mail users you can do so in your HSPC control panel in the Mailboxes section of either the System tab or Site tab.

Note that there are two types of mail users: Linux mail users and virtual mail users. A Linux mail user is a mail user you create in HSPC in the form of username@(multiple domains). A virtual mail user is a mail user you create in the form of

The username for SquirrelMail for a Linux user is the part of the email address before the '@' symbol. For example, the mail user for username@(multiple domains) would just be "username". (Do not include the quotes.)

The username for SquirrelMail for a virtual mail user is the full email address. For example, the virtual mail user for would be "". (Do not include the quotes.)

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