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How do I back up all the files on my VPS in HSPC?

We do not recommend you back up all files on your VPS. This will back up all files, including the full operating system files (not just the symlinks), which will use up hundreds of extra MB if you restore that backup. We recommend that you only backup individual user or website directories.

If you are certain you wish to back up the entire VPS including the large operating files, follow these steps:

1. Log into your HSPC control panel.
2. Select the System tab.
3. Click "Backup and Restore" from the main window.
4. Click "Backup a custom directory".
5. Choose either "Client-Side Backup and Restore" (which will copy the backup file to your local computer) and proceed to step 6a, or select "Server-Side Backup and Restore" (which will store the backup file on the VPS hardware node) and proceed to step 6b.
6a. Choose the appropriate backup option. Enter the requested information then click on the Next button. Select the location on your local computer to save the backup.
6b. If you selected server-side backup: click "Create backup". The backup will be automatically saved on the hardware node if you have enough backup space to store it. If you do not have enough backup space you will need to order more in the Upgrade Center if you wish to create a server-side backup.

Be aware this backup file can be very large depending on the size of your VPS.

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